Detail view oval ruler with advertising
  • Detail view oval ruler with advertising
  • Werbelineal Ovali
  • Werbelineal-Ovali-Aluminium

Aluminium ruler Ovali with anti-slip rubber bands and ink edge

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a well thought out

Aluminium profile ruler - Ovali 1-8mm

a haptically appealing promotional gift with non-slip rubber bands and ink edge.

The aluminium ruler Ovali is a beautiful advertising ruler, oval rounded at the back, with rubber bands in the colour of your choice which secure the ruler against slipping.
The rubber band gives the ruler a slight slant on the surface. This creates an ink edge which ensures that no ink smears.


  • 1:1 from 0-30cm
  • 1:1 from 15-0-15cm
  • individual

Advertising on one or both sides in the following sizes:

  • 315x25x4mm
  • 215x25x4mm
  • 165x25x4mm

The gummy sausages are available in some colours at no extra charge.

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Alu Ovali

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