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Promotional rulers and folding rules for school, office or the construction site.

Do you know a better promotional gift? Here you can get high-quality promotional items printed with your advertisingAdvertising material catalogue - promotional rulers and folding rules.
Promotional rulers are popular with children and adults alike. In the building materials trade as well as in architectural offices or in landscaping. Choose between many different sizes and materials and give long-lasting pleasure. Rulers are usually used for years and spread your advertising message cheaply, sustainably and long-lasting.
We only sell to tradesmen, associations and authorities. Unfortunately, we are not able to sell to end customers.
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Are you looking for a suitable promotional gift?

There are so many other giveaways! So why is a ruler such a good giveaway?
Rulers are exclusive, have excellent advertising value and last a long time. They spread a pleasant advertising benefit for many years.

Our ruler advertising fulfils all important parameters:

clearly recognisable customer benefit
excellent price/performance ratio
durable and sustainable with a great eco-balance
safe to use - UX-tested

Why not have rulers printed?

For every target group there is the right ruler with special features. Different rulers are needed at school than in construction or in the office. Some professions, such as architects or landscapers, have very specific requirements for a useful tool - you can easily meet these with a promotional ruler. Other occupational groups - e.g. salespersons in the building materials trade work particularly often with rulers. In this way, you can be remembered for years in a sympathetic way and create a lasting advertising benefit.

Ask for good advertising rulers and folding rules for your target group at school, in the office or on the building site.

Good rulers are on the target group's desk for YEARS. Always right in front of the decision-makers' noses.
Rulers are sustainable and not disposable. They are available in all kinds of materials - and because they last a long time, they are effective for a long time. You would have to distribute many pens to get the same effect.
Promotional rulers are available in all price ranges and also from as little as 50 pieces.

Our advertising rulers are extremely precise. With a deviation of only 0.15mm on a 30cm scale, they leave many imported articles far behind with their accuracy.

We manufacture almost everything in Bavaria in the heart of Europe. Short distances shorten delivery times and ensure a lower environmental impact.
The material of all wooden rulers comes from certified cultivation.
A promotional ruler is a loyal companion. It lasts for many years and is always gladly accepted by customers because the benefit is immediately recognisable.

Convince yourself of our precise printing on wood, aluminium or various plastics such as polystyrene, rigid PVC or transparent polycarbonate.

Have advertising rulers printed
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